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Meat Market Gallery

For the uninitiated, a meat market gallery is a website with the very best of the hot, single gay guys who are available. It’s wall to wall photos of young, sexy men for you to browse. As you might have guessed, a men market gallery has a range of applications, some platonic and clean, and some that... aren’t.
The more clean minded romantics out there might wander onto a gay gallery looking for someone to get to know – someone they might have something in common with. If your sexuality deviates from the ‘norm’ it’s not as unusual as it used to be, but it can still get pretty lonely. The internet is one of the best ways to meet likeminded individuals, especially if you haven’t exactly come out of the closet yet, or there are people in your life who you’d prefer didn’t know about your sexual preferences. A cock market gallery is great for finding other guys, even if it’s just to meet up with for a coffee and the chance to share your experience with someone else. I’ve never been the one seeking out other men, but I’ve been on the receiving end of quite a few younger men who are only just coming to terms with their sexuality. They used the meat market gallery as a tool to find someone with a friendly face (i.e. me!) who’s willing to listen to them and help them out a little. And if we got on, I’ve never been one to turn down an opportunity to turn our meeting into something more personal.

The meat market gallery is also a great place to hook up with other guys who are looking for the same things for you in life. Maybe that’s a long term relationship, maybe not, but the meat market gallery lets each guy write a little about themselves so you know if you’ve got anything in common with each other. One of the main problems that my male gay friends have is that they can’t find anyone they really want a relationship with. Clubs and bars are great for meeting guys, but a one night stand isn’t the same as a boyfriend, and the meat market gallery is another way to meet someone without being reduced to asking your aunt if she knows any eligible single bachelors.
Talking of meat market gallery regulars, let’s not forget those quiet members of the market: those guys who haven’t quite built up the confidence to speak to the hot guys on the market gallery. There are many men (and women) who visit the meat market gallery to check out the sexy talent there without a view to do anything further, but we shouldn’t forget our friends and their sticky keyboards because they’re an important part of the meat market gallery community. Most of the silent element of meat market member’s progress to the point that they’re not happy with sitting and pressing their noses to the windows of the gay market gallery anymore, and they gradually begin to become more and more involved in meat market life. More than a few of the guys I know through the meat market gallery began this way and once they saw that it wasn’t as scary as they thought, they wanted to be a part of it. It helped them come out of their shells, and gave them a welcoming and warm, friendly community to become a part of. Knowing that there are people out there who accept you and like you for who you are can go a long way to helping someone’s confidence!
And finally, we come to the best (in my opinion) function of the cock market gallery. An easy access array of hot, sexy and horny men, a lot of whom are up for anything and as eager as you are to flirt and go a little further. To me, the meat market gallery is almost like a menu of gorgeous men, for me to pick the tastiest meal from. A quick disclaimer before I continue: I always pick guys who are happy for a little fun rather than hoping for a quickie from someone who’s looking for their soul mate. It’s my belief that the meat market gallery works so well because the system is respected, so I’m not going to break the community rules! The meat market gallery is the perfect way to meet up with other men who are up for a night or two of pure, no-strings sex, if that’s what you need. I’ve had my share of relationships and lately I don’t want that kind of commitment anymore – it’s nice just to have a little fun! Or a lot of fun, hopefully. But, hey, you’re not here for me to be picky over details, let me give you a quick overview of the top 3 guys who I’ve met and ‘experienced’ through the meat market gallery. In the interest of fairness, I’ll list them in reverse order:
3. Warren the Working Professional

Right after my last relationship broke up, I decided that I wanted to have some messy-emotion-free fun with someone who I wasn’t going to bump into every other day from that point onwards. So after a couple of hours wandering around the internet trying to find the loophole in internet dating websites or the ‘back door entrance’ (excuse the pun) of gay relationship sites, I found the penis market gallery.
On the very first page, third from the left, I saw a blonde with a golden tan, and the strong jaw line of Christian Bale. Beneath his title ‘Working Professional’, he made it as clear as you can without using the phrase ‘fuck me’ that he was exactly my type. His bio said that he was a busy office worker who didn’t have the time to be messing around with relationships and was looking for someone who was willing to turn up at his apartment for a couple of hours, make his evening a little brighter, and go home again without asking to ‘snuggle’. Being new to the meat  gallery, I was a little wary of emailing him, but I worked up the courage and contacted him.
What followed was two months of the hottest, stickiest, most satisfying sex I’ve ever experienced. Not two months solidly, obviously. We spent two hours together every three days, after the first night usually without any more than a ‘hello’ before we were naked and I was pinning him to the door frame. There was something wonderfully simple about it – the kind of simplicity and honesty that’s unique to the meat market gallery – because we both knew exactly what we wanted from it. Afterwards we’d usually share a couple of beers on his couch in front of the TV before I left and we arranged the next day that we’d meet up. Warren comes in at number three of my best meat market gallery finds for the pure brilliance of the arrangement we had, and the athletic, filthy sex that followed.
2. Looking for Love
I feel a little guilty about this one, because I broke my own rules. James was a man market gallery guy who was interested in a long term relationship and not a one night stand, but he was so hot that I couldn’t help myself. The only problem was that James and I clicked instantly, even though I was reluctant to go out for dinner with him rather than just head straight for my place. However, as I said, the meat market gallery is more than just a market for no-strings attached sex. James and I were together for seven months until we parted on pretty good terms, but he’s still in my top 3!
1. Kinky Koala

My winner was after I had a couple of years experience at the gay market gallery, and I was practically a regular. No one had quite met Warren’s standards when it came to the perfect arrangement, but I’d found a lot who were almost as good. One quiet Tuesday evening I was browsing the meat market gallery for a new guy, because my latest long term arrangement was heading off to college in Denver and I didn’t really like the idea of waiting until Spring Break for him to come back again.
As soon as I saw Mark’s picture on the meat market gallery I was interested, because he had big green eyes and Hispanic looks, which is a favorite of mine. After a quick read of his bio, I realized that he had a fetish for exhibitionism and minimalist swimwear, which wasn’t something I’d ever had much experience in before, but was willing to give a try for a meat market guy of his caliber. I emailed him saying I was interested to learn more, and he quickly replied, offering me to come to a photo shoot he was modeling them for. I hadn’t realized he actually modeled them, but I could full understand why he would be a model with looks like his.
I turned up at the photo shoot for Koala Swim, a company that makes micro swimwear in all these really unique designs, and watched Mark strip off and get ready for the cameras. I tried not to make it obvious, but I was rock hard for the entire photo shoot. They had this young, hot meat market gallery guy wearing the tiniest swim suits I’ve ever seen – most of them weren’t anything more a few pieces of string and then a pouch for his dick and balls. I could see that he was completely shaved – another kink of mine – and I had to try to stroke myself while everyone was paying attention to him rather than me. Every now and then he would look at me directly, with this hot, hungry look in his eyes.
They even filmed him while he changed out and into the different pieces of swimwear, and as the shoot progressed they brought out swimwear that was increasingly more revealing. One of them looked pretty normal, until they splashed him with water and it went almost completely transparent. Most of the time they wanted him to have an erection. Believe me – it was really hard not to get in there and offer to help with that. After about an hour, they reached the last item, which had the same pouch design at the front and a G-string waist to it. But instead of a string between the legs, it had a metal hook, which was supposed to go inside him. I watched them bend him over in front of the entire crew and help him push the hook into his ass, and for the first (and only) time in my entire life, I came without having anyone touch me.
Safe to say, by the time he’d finished I was hard again, and I fucked him in the back of my car. But if anything, Mark deserves special mention amongst my meat market gallery top three if only for introducing me to a fetish for exhibitionism and voyeurism that I didn’t even know I had.

So there you have it: the cock market gallery is more than just a bunch of photos of hot guys! It’s a great community and you’re certain to find someone else who wants the same thing as you, even if that’s not sex or a relationship, but just a coffee in a quiet restaurant and a chance to talk to someone who understands. To me, it’s a bit like your favorite bar – your local where everyone knows your name and there’s always something going on. Cheers references aside, the meat market gallery could well be the perfect cure to your loneliness or boredom. And even if you’re not looking for anything in particular, you can never have too many photos of sexy, hot, half naked men in your computer history!